Breathe Yoga

Welcome to Breathe Yoga, founded by Amelia in 2010. Amelia is an accredited British Wheel of Yoga teacher. She has been doing yoga since 2005, has five years of teaching experience and has trained in the art of personal, therapeutic yoga. She believes that yoga can be adapted to suit the needs of any individual, as long as they can breathe and are willing to try.

Amelia is currently relocating to London and is available to teach groups and individuals in the city.

See the About page for details about Amelia, her approach to yoga and teachers.

Group Classes

Group classes are open to beginners and students continuing their yoga practice. They offer students a space to relax and experience an inner connection with themselves through movement and the breath. This allows the mind to quieten and gives the opportunity to cultivate a sense of clarity.

See the Class Timetable for full details.

Individual Yoga

Personal yoga classes are suitable for everyone. They are designed to suit the student's needs, situation and interests. One to one yoga sessions can be used as a therapeutic support during recovery, to maintain a healthy lifestyle or to deepen an understanding of yoga.

See the One to One Lessons page for full details.

Yoga at Work

Let the yoga come to you. It will help you to feel more focused and productive at work and relieve you from any office-based ailments including RSI, neck/back ache and stress. Sessions can be arranged to suit your workforce - 45 minutes at lunch time or an hour after work, for example. Amelia is available to teach in London city centre and the surrounding area.

Get in touch to arrange yoga at your workplace via the Contacts page.